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We carry one of the areas largest assortments of latex and mylar balloons. Latex balloons range in size from 5 to 36 inches.  The standard 11 inch balloons come in 24 different colors. While the Round 24 inch balloons come in 15 different colors.  The approximate float time for a 11 inch balloon is 8 to 12 hours. For an additional fee we have the capability to extend the float time to 1 week or longer by adding a solution called Hi-Float.

Mylar Balloons come in 18 inch, 20 inch stars and super sized licensed and non-licensed shapes.

We carry air walkers, singing balloons, 17 inch alphabet balloons and 34 inch.

‚ÄčWe gladly accept phone orders and will have your balloons ready for you on the day and time requested. All orders over 6 balloons are bagged for easy transportation at no extra charge.

You can call in your order today!

Balloon with Helium Prices

11 inch Latex Balloon
Speicalty (Chrome/Agagte)
16 inch Latex Balloon
24 inch Latex Round Balloon
30 inch Latex Round Balloon
Mylar 18 inch
Super Sized Mylar
$8.99 - $24.99

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Mylar Balloons